I read with interest the “Another View” article by Joe Gauld in the July 4 newspaper, and I have to take exception to some of the author’s points.

The Bowdoin Christian Fellowship has every right to keep leadership positions closed to members of the fellowship. What if a member of the Fellowship wanted to have a leadership role in a gay organization on campus? You know that wouldn’t happen because the two groups are at odds with each other. That has nothing to do with bias. It has to do with what you believe, what your core values are.

Mr. Gauld says, and I quote, “I don’t happen to belong to any church or Christian sect.” I would suggest that maybe it is time he went to church to find out what Christians really do believe. Or maybe it is time to read the Bible, especially Romans 1:24-32. Then he might understand why the Bowdoin Christian Fellowship refused to buckle under to the pressure of the college and has moved off campus.

Frederick H. Giese, M. Th., D. Min.

Lisbon Falls