Congressman Michaud’s supporters boast that if elected he would be our nation’s first openly gay governor. But that would not be his only claim to fame.

Michaud would attain extraordinary status as a state chief executive whose formal education is limited to a high school diploma and who has no administrative or business experience, never having managed as much as a lemonade stand.

On top of that, Michaud’s 12-year record as one of Maine’s representatives to Congress is mediocre at best, and he has abandoned his previous anti-abortion and manand woman only marriage positions on which he campaigned and was elected to Congress. (Politician-language for “evolved”: That’s a promise I made yesterday.)

Do Mainers want an unreliable, on-the-job trainee with entry-level credentials to be our next governor?

Is being gay the only qualification to be governor?

That’s something to think about.

Walter J. Eno