Re: The tar sands oil issue: If you are going to do it, then do it right.

Ban all fossil fuels from Portland Harbor. Ban all power boats. Only sailboats and rowboats should be allowed. Apply to the Obama administration for a federal research grant for solar-powered boats.

Fishermen should not be allowed to use nets and hooks. It is unfair and also cruel to the fish.

Lobstermen should not be allowed to use traps and bait – only their hands. Only lobsters that die naturally should be allowed to be eaten. No more boiling live lobsters. How would you like to be dropped into boiling water?

Cows should be set free. How would you like to be milked twice a day?

No more hunting with any kind of weapon. If you can’t catch it with your bare hands, you don’t deserve to eat it.

The possibility for reforms are endless. Let’s make Maine a paradise just like Massachusetts or California.

Bob Tanner