We write as neighbors of our recently deceased friend Jewell Friedman, to clear up any misconceptions created by Sunday’s article (Maine Sunday Telegram, July 13) regarding her death from the reckless hit-and-run driver on Ferry Road in Saco.

It would be foolish or suicidal to cross Ferry Road near the Atlantic Heights retirement community without looking both ways first for oncoming traffic. Jewell was neither.

Jewell knew well the dangers of speeding and inattentive drivers on Ferry Road, as she crossed that road at least twice a day for the past several years.

She was not the type of woman who would have put herself or her beloved dog, Selina, in jeopardy.

According to all reports, this was evident the day she was brutally struck down because she only began to cross the road after traffic in the westbound lane had already stopped for her.

Sunday’s article suggested Jewell may have been inattentive in crossing the street because she always looked down while walking. That wasn’t the case.

Like most of us seniors, Jewell looked ahead and down to make sure there were no fall hazards, and in Jewell’s case, no threats to Selina.

For example, Jewell likely looked down at the curb before she crossed Ferry Road. But Jewel and other seniors’ survival also means looking up and around and being generally aware of our walking environment to avoid problems. Jewel was not inattentive.

Lastly, contrary to the quote in the article, Jewell could never have said that she forgave the driver who struck her, because she never regained consciousness.

We hope this needless tragedy is a warning to drivers to be as vigilant and careful during the summer as on winter’s icy roads.

Carl and Dot Graves

and 17 other cottage residents at Atlantic Heights