As senior citizens dependent upon Social Security and Medicaid entitlements, my husband and I join with all concerned Mainers upset with Gov. Paul LePage inexplicably equating us with welfare recipients. His subsequent explanation for this erroneous statement (without apology) and assertions he protects senior interests have no credibility.

The pattern of our governor’s infamous “plain speaking” remains predictable. His initial remarks on this issue reveal a true lack of character. They were immediately followed by damage control, led by Adrienne Bennett, his interpreter, who attempted to “clarify” her employer’s meaning, concluding with placement of the usual blame for “distorting” his comments on liberals in general and the Press Herald specifically.

We regard Social Security as a savings account that we contributed to over many productive years employed in the private sector.

We are fortunate to have the federal government as our “partners” guaranteeing this “security” will be available when it is most needed.

At 87 years of age, we have outlived our retirement funds. Social Security barely covers the necessities of life, but we are able to survive with an acceptable lifestyle. Medicare has made our failing health more bearable.

Senior citizens do not merit the lack of respect shown us by LePage, intent on pandering to his tea party base and advancing his own political ambitions.

We made our contribution to society and do not ask for state welfare, only that which is our rightful due.

LePage’s lack of compassion cast a pall on what are supposedly our “golden years.” We seniors must express our opinion of LePage’s erratic and unforgivable behavior at the polls in November and preserve the dignity appropriate for our years.

Phyllis Kamin