I heard on the radio that Eliot Cutler said he didn’t have time to vote in the June 10 election. He said he had a very full schedule that day, and besides, he knew that the only important issue on his town’s ballot, the school budget, would pass.

Well, I guess Mr. Cutler is in fact the smartest guy in the room, with clairvoyant powers to boot. Why bother with elections? Just ask him what’s going to happen. If you asked soon-to-be-replaced U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, he may not agree that voters are so predictable.

I also wonder why, if Mr. Cutler is so smart, he didn’t think to go to Town Hall and vote absentee on a day when he did have 10 minutes to spare. Sadly, this episode speaks volumes about Mr. Cutler’s humility as well as his commitment to civic responsibilities.

Rep. Janice Cooper


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