I’m writing in regard to a July 1 column by Ruth Marcus headlined “Commentary: Head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse sees legislation of pot as risky social experiment.”

Marcus, in her informative interview with the head of the above-named institute, a lady by the name of Nora Volkow, asks, “Can a country afford to have a third legal drug?”

As a result, I feel driven to enlarge on a life-and-death matter that goes hand in glove with the use of pot in hopes of causing the public to take a hard, serious look at one of the more tragic consequences of using cannabis.

Everyone knows that pot causes impaired vision, short-term memory loss, difficulty concentrating, dreamlike states, impaired motor coordination, slowed reaction time and altered peripheral vision. Also, even a sober driver has bad accidents. Given this, what chance does a pot-impaired person have?

However, the marijuana addict shrugs this off and launches into a big spiel about all the benefits the legislation of pot would bring to some businesses, with the state realizing the lion’s share taken in from taxation.

So, let’s take a look at alcohol taxation. Is it a money-maker? Given the millions it costs to apprehend and prosecute the alcohol-related lawbreaker, it’s doubtful. Meanwhile, you and I are the big money losers. How so? Car insurance – the outrageous cost of insurance due to alcohol-related accidents.

Sadly, however, there are some things that money cannot offset, and the needless loss of the life of a loved family member in a bloody road death is one of them.

The legalization of marijuana will not be just a “risky social experiment,” but a done deal, killing thousands. Save your own life and the precious lives of your family by saying “no” to pot!

Philip E. Kennard