My sister, daughter and I treated ourselves July 5 to a musical in Ogunquit, with dinner and cocktails to follow.

We ate a lovely meal together. My daughter paid for the tickets, my sister drove and bought drinks and I paid for our delicious meal.

Service was fabulous until I checked my bank balance the day after. I used my debit card, and a $15 surcharge had been added to the tab. I called to ask what was what and was told that a surcharge for debit card holders was a policy.

Nowhere was it written that this was a custom. To boot, I had given the waitress a $30 tip.

I have called the restaurant three times and have yet to be reimbursed. I had been so pleased to have budgeted the cash for our meal without using a credit card. The extra $15 was added after I had signed for the tab.

If you don’t want to be “roosted” in Ogunquit, ask for the establishment’s debit card policy.

Anne M. Cyr