Re: M.D. Harmon’s June 20 column (“Media won’t tell you, so here are reasons to doubt global warming”):

Solar and wind are “inconsistent?” The sun strikes the Earth each day with 10 quadrillion watts of energy. New “sugar” batteries and other technological improvements will revolutionize energy storage. Wind and tidal energy will vastly expand in the next decade.

 Does the U.S. Chamber of Commerce lobbying group for petrochemical corporations also estimate the economic expansion and jobs in new-energy industries resulting from new federal emission rules, and the savings in health costs to 100 million people suffering from respiratory diseases?

 Far from a “War on Coal,” the new standards let each state manage its response. Economist Henry Paulson and Nicholas Stern of the World Bank recognize that a carbon tax on extraction of the resource is the best way to change the world’s energy habits.

 Regarding the May 27 Wall Street Journal op-ed “The Myth of the Climate Change ‘97%’ “: The Journal has run other columns questioning the scientific conclusion on global warming, but it refused to publish a response by 255 scientists to a Jan. 27, 2012, column, “No Need to Panic About Global Warming.” Did Mr. Harmon read that response, which was printed in Science?

 A little investigation also reveals the manipulation of facts June 4 in The Australian, an affiliate of News Corp., which owns the Wall Street Journal as well. Not surprising that geologists who are mainly employed by oil and mining interests would argue about effects of climate change.

Finally, does Mr. Harmon dispute the designation of polar bears as an endangered species due to habitat decline based on hearsay attributed to Susan Crockford, adjunct professor at University of Victoria and paid correspondent for Heartland Institute, a climate change-denier?

Neal Perry