I find it perplexing that Walter J. Eno asserted in his July 16 letter to the editor that Mike Michaud has no work experience (“Mike Michaud’s qualifications, experience limited”).

Mike Michaud was a forklift operator in a paper mill for 25 years before being elected to Maine’s Legislature. Mr. Michaud’s work experience is much more in line with the majority of Maine people than that of CEO-in-Chief Paul LePage.

Here are a few brilliant business decisions Paul LePage has made during his time as governor.

 Mr. LePage paid a consultant to do a report on welfare fraud, only to find out that the consultant plagiarized the entire report. In other words, he wasted hundreds of thousands of Mainers’ tax dollars on a report that wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

 Mr. LePage contracted with an out-of-state company to provide rides for medical appointments, which were previously done by local agencies quite effectively. This service was terribly ineffective and incompetent and caused thousands of disabled and elderly Mainers to miss vital medical appointments. Another waste of Maine taxpayers’ money.

 Mr. LePage legalized fireworks only two years ago, and after the first year, sales were down 28 percent. I was in a fireworks store a day before the Fourth, and they were giving away fireworks two for one.

Mike Michaud has worked with Democrats and Republicans in Augusta and Washington. Mike Michaud knows how to get things done – ask the people of Maine’s 2nd District, who elected him time and time again.

We need a governor who represents all Mainers, not just 40 percent. I like Mike, and so should you!

George E. Harlan

Old Orchard Beach