As an avid recreational bicyclist for more than 45 years and an active member of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine who strives to follow safe cycling practices and embraces a “share the road” philosophy, I am surprised when I encounter a group of more than 25 bicyclists riding four to five abreast blocking the roadway.

I experienced this scenario in Yarmouth early last Friday morning, when a group of more than 25 cyclists rode four to five abreast down Route 88 and up the Lafayette Street hill, blocking motorists.

In fact, not only did these cyclists block traffic in the travel lane, but a number of cyclists also rode in the opposing travel lane to keep up with the group. This practice is extremely dangerous for everyone: cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

When motorists attempted to pass this group of cyclists, they were bombarded with obscenities from these riders. These riders appeared to be middle-aged males (40 to 60 years of age) who should understand basic bicycle safety and road decorum.

These cyclists not only created a road hazard but also gave motorists and the general public a negative impression of all cyclists.

Dave Jones