When I chose to not seek re-election, I was concerned with who would take my place. Democrat Jay McCreight has the character and the right skills to represent east Brunswick, Harpswell and West Bath.

Whether she is volunteering in a Coffin Elementary School classroom, or assisting the fire department in their fundraising efforts, McCreight is someone who you want on your team. She is hard-working and without care for who gets the credit. She can pull from a variety of personal and professional experiences, and rally people toward a common goal.

McCreight is thoughtful and an excellent listener. She already has a growing list of topics that matter to voters. She is an advocate for those who need one, and puts service to others higher than self.

McCreight  loves our communities. She will take this job seriously and will represent us well. She is the person we want for House District 51.

Rep. Jeremy Saxton