I am in my tent in Chewonki Campground at 5 a.m., watching the sun come up through the trees, wondering if the trees or the campground will be here in the future.

The Federal Aviation Administration says these trees are obstructions that must be clear-cut from the airport’s imaginary airspace. Losing the trees would be devastating to Chewonki Campground and will be financially devastating to the village of Wiscasset.

Transitory visitors like us buy food and supplies, support the arts and restaurants, buy T-shirts and antiques and donate to churches and charities.

During the July 22 selectmen’s meeting, an engineer stated that moving Route 144, so the runway could be moved, would cost $3 million. However, to lose Chewonki Campground would cost far more, beyond the great personal loss to Pam Brackett and Ann Beck of the business started by their parents more than 50 years ago.

If the FAA is willing to pay to remove trees and take land, would it not be more prudent and beneficial to both the airport and the campground for the FAA to direct its funds toward relocating the road?

Campers may seem strange. We set up tents and trailers in the woods, cook on tiny stoves and put up with dirt and mosquitoes. But at night, the trees are alive with fireflies, and the countless stars can take one’s breath away.

Now, the light is streaming through the trees and the birds are beginning to sing. Soon I will open my tiny stove and make coffee under the poplars. To me, this is heaven.

Please consider the total cost to the community – including campers who spend so much time and money here – before losing the asset of Chewonki Campground.

Deb Mensinger

Melrose, Mass.

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