An elderly Portland man survived a medical crisis last week that left him incapacitated for two days along Casco’s Meadow Brook.

According to the Maine Warden Service, David Crocker, 86, drove his truck to Meadow Brook along Route 121 on Monday, July 21, to go fishing. After suffering “a severe medical event,” Crocker lost consciousness until he was awoken by a phone call from his daughter on Wednesday, and managed to convey that he needed help. Four game wardens and a Cumberland County deputy located Crocker in the woods, several hundred yards from his truck. He was then transported to Bridgton Hospital.

Crocker could not be reached for comment for this story.

Maine Game Warden Sergeant Tim Spahr said he did not know what specific medical crisis had incapacitated Crocker. Spahr, who described the incident as “unusual,” said that Crocker appeared to have been dehydrated.

“My understanding at that time is he had fallen asleep and been out for two days,” Spahr said. “It was fortunate that he was rescued alive and was able to be transported to the hospital and helped. It was unusual for somebody to have actually been for asleep or incapacitated for that period of time and then in a very really close area to his truck and probably to other residences. There was some unusual aspects to it.”

– Ezra Silk

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