I note with interest the proceedings in South Portland under the powers that be there, who didn’t like the results of last November’s citywide vote on Canada oil.

The so-called “Clear Skies Ordinance” that the City Council adopted last month so horribly misses the point as to provide no sense whatsoever toward solving the world’s dilemma of best practices for managing much-needed energy.

I only wish the drafters had spent some time adding one word –”thinking” – to the mix, thus producing “Clear(er) Skies with Thought for Optimal Benefit.” The thinking part comes from using quality developed infrastructure to help move fair-market oil to the Gulf and beyond – thus further freeing us from our greedy friends at OPEC.

The ordinance is a clear “throw the baby out with the bathwater” manifestation that will not affect one whit the world’s transition to Canada oil. Others will prosper instead, while Maine, which could be a bigger player on the world stage, will once again send economic benefit elsewhere – not by market shifts but by wrong-headed choice, if you can believe it.

The citizens of South Portland have been true benefactors by taking on the task of oil transport and storage to help us all in this energy-starved state.

They have provided a sensational record of safety and environmental care and should be allowed to increase Maine’s role in world energy, should they wish to in the name of world betterment and greatest good.

Let’s stop the nonsense. Oil is in our lives for the foreseeable future. South Portland has assets to enhance its role in the world scene. Fear, uncertainty and doubt as promulgated by foes of oil sands have no place in this decision – local and world benefit do.

R. Ted Laguerre