Neither the driver nor the cows he was towing was injured Tuesday when the trailer they were riding in tipped over on Maine Avenue in Farmingdale.

Chief Deputy Ryan Reardon of the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office said the crash occurred around 9:30 a.m., as the four cows were being towed in a trailer near DNK Used Cars. The driver, Jose Avila, 61, of Unity, told sheriff deputies that the load shifted and the trailer began to rock side to side before tipping over.

“The chains on the truck kept it from being worse,” Reardon said.

Firefighters helped move the cows to another vehicle. The animals were moved to a nearby pasture, Reardon said.

Reardon said responders offered to call a veterinarian to examine the cows, but Avila declined the offer after inspecting the animals himself.

Reardon was unsure if the trailer was damaged, which he indicated was homemade.

Traffic was slowed but continued to flow as crews tended to the animals.

“I’m glad the animals are OK and that nobody was injured,” Reardon said.