NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah — A landslide struck an upscale suburban Salt Lake City community on Tuesday, destroying a home and forcing evacuations as a rain-soaked hillside tumbled from above.

No one was hurt in the slide in North Salt Lake, where residents of the manicured neighborhood near a tennis and swim club said they could hear the hillside rumbling hours before it tumbled.

“It was very eerie and very frightening, and we knew the mountain was coming down,” said Steven Peterson, 64, who lives across the street from the crushed home. The 10 people who lived there – Peruvians who include young children and their grandparents – fled to Peterson’s house.

“We all sat on the porch and watched their house collapse,” he said.

Images showed the 2,960-square-foot home pushed onto the driveway and over large landscaping rocks. Three homes remained in immediate danger with more rain expected later in the day, and city crews were moving loose soil, building a berm and draining nearby pools to divert afternoon rain.

Also Tuesday, cleanup was underway in Carbon County after flooding damaged about 100 homes.