Regarding the article “Maine Sens. King, Collins tour Texas border, differ over where blame lies” (Aug. 2):

Sen. Angus King was paraphrased as saying that he concluded that the border is relatively secure and that the immigration courts are overwhelmed. If the border is “relatively” secure, then why do we have a crisis of illegal immigrants crossing it?

King expressed no concern for the illegal immigrants who are dumped on the states, which already have limited resources, because of the federal government’s failure to enforce immigration laws already on the books.

The immigration courts should benefit only those who are legally trying to enter this country, not provide a free pass to those breaking the law.

As a taxpayer, I do not have my day in court as to whether I want to pay for these illegal immigrants, who are costing taxpayers billions while providing cheap labor for corporations and no jobs for Americans.

There seems to be little or no concern for the plight of underemployed and unemployed Americans on the part of King, Sen. Susan Collins and Congress in general.

Susan Kamuda