How remarkable that, since there are not enough votes for impeachment proceedings, House Speaker John Boehner and his Republican colleagues decided to sue President Obama for allegedly overreaching his presidential authority.

Does that mean that citizens can sue Congress – individually or as a whole – for not doing what they were constitutionally elected to do – that is, show up for work and take care of the people’s business? When they are “there,” it averages out to be working up to three days a week while being paid to work full time.

When it comes to representing the people who hired them, sent them to the Hill and paid their salaries and lifelong benefits ad nauseam, we discover that they seem to be working on behalf of others. One need only to take a look at their war chest donations to forecast how they will vote, or not vote.

Example: Susan Collins seems more interested in working on behalf of General Dynamics, corporations and PACs who support her ongoing war chest and has the voting record to support that.

We had to laugh when her ad shows her with Bath Iron Works employees whose healthy hourly wages and benefits are due to bloated defense contracts (at taxpayer expense), approved within months of the rejection of an increase in minimum wages, health care for everyone and a sensible reduction in student loan lending rates.

God forbid that would mean that corporations would have to ante up and pay what regular taxpayers pay in income taxes and might have to stop going offshore to hide their income and assets with “inversion” laws supported by none other than Congress!

Boehner may well have given us a solution.

Loretta M. Turner


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