Michael Cuzzi’s incisive column (“Cutler or Michaud? Voters will decide who ousts Gov. LePage,” Maine Sunday Telegram, July 13) places the three-way gubernatorial race in its proper perspective.

Gov. LePage’s campaign for re-election is moot. His tea party base remains intact and will vote for him as a solid bloc regardless of his past dubious performance and whatever meaningless campaign promises he may make.

As Cuzzi observes, “the real gubernatorial contest” is between Eliot Cutler and Mike Michaud. I agree with Cuzzi’s assessment that there is a “race-within-a-race” and his opinion that Michaud would emerge as the winner.

My concern is that a number of Mainers in the “loathe LePage” category may not find enough incentive to go to the polls. If they decide to stay home, LePage will win by default once again.

Michaud has his critics, but even an allegedly “flawed” candidate is preferable to the incumbent. My hope is that Michaud will be our next governor.

Sam Kamin