On July 13, I was thrilled to see Matt Hongoltz-Hetling’s article introducing all of us to Geoff Hill, one of Maine’s Master Composters, who was trained by taking a University of Maine Cooperative Extension course (“Meet Geoff Hill, Maine’s Master Composter”). It is great to have Master Composters advocating for recycling organic materials through composting with all of its benefits.

But I’m afraid Geoff got one thing wrong. The compost made in Unity is actually great for all kinds of gardening, agriculture and landscaping. I use it myself.

It meets all of the quality standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and the Maine Department of Agriculture. Instructors at the Maine Compost School like it. This “earthlife” compost has stood the test of time, pleasing customers since 1991 by growing superb tomatoes and many other vegetable crops.

Despite Geoff’s personal view, there are 20 years of science and supporting regulation that allow and recommend the use of this great gardening resource that is made in Maine. I’d give Geoff an A for effort and a C for technical content.

Jay Kilbourn