Edgar Allen Beem has a wonderful view of the world, except as it relates to soccer. I loved the response to his recent attack on the sport from the Martins family from Scarborough.

American football and soccer have so much in common. Two teams of 11 players try to advance the ball toward a goal at the ends of the field. Teams trade possession of the ball. There are turnovers. A fumble and a loose soccer ball are equally exciting, as the players battle to regain possession.

Sometimes the ball is moved slowly with many plays, and other times a long pass attempt is made, either on a football fly pattern or a long ball from a soccer defender or midfielder to a winger. The completions are rare, but can be game changers when successful.

Why is it that American football fans get all excited when a team on its own 45-yard-line advances the ball 10 yards to get a first down, but claim it is boring when a soccer team links a few passes to move the ball the same distance?

It is reported that there are nine minutes of real action in a 60-minute football game, compared to 90 minutes of nonstop action with only a halftime break in a soccer game, with no timeouts allowed. Is it really more exciting to have the game stop after every play?

If ignorance is bliss, then Beem must be a very happy man.

Chris Neagle