Early on in the Market Basket revolt, my thoughts ranged from “This is a charming and magnificent display of loyalty” to “For Pete’s sake, you can’t choose a boss” to “You’ve got a job, skip the tantrum, let’s talk and get back to the store!”

As it has stretched, dragged on and evolved into a significant hassle for customers, of which I am one, my thoughts have likewise evolved.

I realize I am jaded. Like the huge majority of working Americans, I have been working in an increasingly corporatized environment. I am a registered nurse, so you can imagine the implications there. My point here is that sadly we have become used to it: the greed, the “bottom line” mentality, the devaluation of people.

The beauty in the revolt is that the Market Basket folks have had the privilege of working in a model that truly valued them. They’ve been protected from corporatization.

It was a great win-win model. Customers were happy and valued, associates were happy and valued, and there was plenty of money to go around. Associates knew the drill: Hang in, work hard, get rewarded. No need to question anything. It was a very well-oiled machine. And it worked.

So in the spirit of full disclosure, I have to say that I did think thoughts that I’m not proud of. With some hindsight, I get it and I know why there’s been a revolt. I can also say I get it and I know why I can say today, “Don’t back down, and give ’em hell!”

Judy Doran