Doggone it! I feel very strongly that we need to see all three candidates for governor, debating the numerous issues that affect the citizens of Maine, and making their proposed solutions public.

Eliot Cutler says he’ll debate at any time. Paul LePage says “Nope,” and Mike Michaud says “I won’t debate unless Paul does.” Dodgers, I say!

We have lots of problems here in Maine, and we’re going backward fast under the current administration’s clown act. I suspect that if Michaud gets elected, we won’t hear anything from him except when he picks up his paycheck.

I guess he gets paychecks from people other than us, too: His campaign contributions from PACs average around $340,000 a year! You kinda wonder just who he takes orders from – them or us?

Call for a three-man debate, right now!

William “Bill” Dixon

Boothbay Harbor

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