LEAGUE CITY, Texas — A family of four was among six people killed Sunday when a motorist seen driving erratically southeast of Houston fled from police and drove through a stop sign before striking another vehicle, police said.

Authorities described the collision in League City as one of the worst they have seen, with both vehicles left unrecognizable.

“As far as lives lost and a devastating accident scene, this would probably top any other accidents for the League City police department,” police spokeswoman Reagan Pena said Monday.

The pursuit began Sunday night in nearby Dickinson when a Dodge Durango was seen operating erratically and without its headlights on, said Dickinson police Capt. Jay Jaekel. Officer Daniel Banda pursued the Durango, Jaekel said. Shortly afterward, the Durango went through the stop sign in League City, entered another intersection and struck a Honda Accord.

The driver of the Durango was identified as Juan Garcia Ahuezoteco, 23. He died at the scene Sunday, as did his passenger, Alejandro Molina. All four people in the Honda also were killed.