Re: “Bill Nemitz: When they debate, are we listening?” (Aug. 3):

As a young Republican, I was appalled by Bill Nemitz’s claim that “the race boils down to two groups.” What happened to voting for the candidate who is best for Maine?

We should not let a candidate’s party affiliation determine who will be the next CEO of our state. Maine voters should base their decision on who is the best candidate, and that man is Eliot Cutler.

Cutler, unlike U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud or Gov. LePage, shows the leadership necessary to be Maine’s next governor by advocating for statewide debates. If both Rep. Michaud and Gov. LePage shy away from debates, what does that say about their leadership – or lack thereof? Maine voters deserve respect. We deserve debates.

Eliot Cutler is willing to prove to Maine voters that he is the best candidate for governor by debating both Gov. LePage and Rep. Michaud. The real question is: Why won’t they debate Cutler?

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