I learned recently that the group Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting is being financed by the Humane Society of the United States, based in Washington, D.C.

According to reports, of the estimated $1.6 million collected by Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting, over 99 percent has come from the humane society.

Most of the leaders of “Mainers” for Fair Bear Hunting are from out of state, including their spokeswoman, Katie Hansberry. Coincidentally, she works for the humane society and just moved here from Massachusetts, where she worked as a lawyer.

Maine’s state biologists and game wardens, by contrast, have years and years of experience in our woods. They have studied Maine’s bears for decades and have shown that our traditional ways of hunting, with bait, are the best tool to manage our population of over 30,000 black bears.

I will vote “no” on Question 1 this November because our wildlife should be conserved and managed by Maine’s professional biologists and game wardens. I encourage all Mainers to do the same.

Christi Holmes


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