Anger Management 101: Getting mad at a parking or meter person doesn’t help. After you calm down, you still have a $30 ticket in your hand.

While delivering Meals on Wheels at a State Street location, I was lucky enough to run into a couple of meter maids while parking in a “no parking” zone.

As anyone knows, Portland has a very aggressive parking ticket force, but with a disabled-veteran plate and a city parking voucher on my windshield, I thought I could get away with it while making a delivery. I was wrong.

When I moved up the street, I was still in a bad place. After I completed my delivery, there was a ticket on my truck. I was beyond angry and told the ladies what I thought of them and their bosses for not showing some sort of leeway. I am sure with the job they have, I didn’t say anything they hadn’t heard before.

In any case, I quit. This is strictly volunteer work, and I live on a retirement income. I have no extra money for parking tickets, and the chance of this happening again is almost certain.

Greg Locke