On Sunday, Maine lost a colorful, original, brilliant citizen – the Honorable Ed Legg.

Ed was a great friend, neighbor, former representative – and our conscience. His keen mind could determine the essentials of any issue because he understood the history, the players, the underlying essence and the possible outcomes of any decision. He was a great representative for all the people of Maine, regardless of their party affiliations.

The Texas accent threw many people off, as they would label him “from away.” But Ed’s heart and soul were in Maine through and through, and he knew more about Maine than most people whose pedigrees went back several centuries.

His insight, and his sense of the absurd and the essential, taught us something new or unusual and always enlightened us. Like many people, I will truly miss Ed, especially in an election year when he’d have an interesting “take” on everything going on around him.

He always had an upbeat attitude, a funny story or a unique vision, and he served as a mentor to many. Somewhere in heaven, there is a great lecture about Maine going on with a wry Texan yarn thrown in.

Thank you, Ed – you will never be forgotten.

Diane Denk