My 12-year-old son has Type 1 diabetes, and having access to the best technologies out there is important to us so we can manage this disease well and prevent complications.

The continuous glucose monitor is innovative technology that displays blood glucose levels continuously, and reveals trends of high and low blood sugars so we can anticipate if he needs more or less insulin. Currently, costs for a hypoglycemia or low blood sugar inpatient admission average $18,000 per visit.

By controlling his blood sugar with the help of a monitor, I can help him prevent long-term costly complications of blindness, heart disease and kidney failure.

Thanks to Sen. Susan Collins, there is legislation that would help ensure that this technology is covered by Medicare, ensuring fair access to this key technology.

This is also important to me because my son is waiting for an artificial pancreas, which is currently being tested by the Food and Drug Administration.

The continuous glucose monitor is a key component of the artificial pancreas, and ensuring coverage of the monitors will keep diabetes innovation at the forefront and accessible for all Americans affected by Type 1 diabetes.

I hope that Congress will encourage Medicare to cover continuous glucose monitors, because of what it will mean to my son and future generations of Americans with Type 1 diabetes.

Caroline Sweeney