New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recently presided over a fundraising event for Gov. LePage in Dedham. If people are known for the company they keep, then Mr. LePage shows up in a bad light.

As a recent Maine transplant from New Jersey, I am well aware of Mr. Christie’s thuggish, bullying tactics, which have been have been found revolting by many of his state’s residents.

These include the vindictive shutting of lanes of the George Washington Bridge (“Bridgegate”) to embarrass the mayor of Fort Lee, N.J.; rude responses to questioners at public meetings; spending federal money on TV videos promoting himself; and advocating policies favoring the rich.

Mr. Christie’s attitudes reflect many of those of Mr. LePage, whose 179 vetoes display little sympathy for help to the needy and disadvantaged of Maine. Mr. LePage has done little to earn the support of Mainers in his re-election bid.

Gene Clifford

Mount Desert