In his Aug. 10 column, “Plagiarism debacle should cost LePage dearly,” Bill Nemitz says that conservatives “would be in orbit right now had this kind of charade been concocted by Democrats.”

Wrong again! Democrats practice hands-on plagiarism. They do it themselves. It’s not the kind committed by a rogue employee of a contractor over whom LePage had no authority or control.

If a bank teller absconds with several hundred dollars, is the bank manager at fault? If a soldier deserts his unit, should the platoon leader be court-martialed?

Montana Democratic Sen. John Walsh has abandoned his bid for a full term after a plagiarism scandal revealed that he had pilfered portions of a master’s thesis at the U.S. Army War College. And guess what? Conservative protests barely got off the ground, let alone escaped the earth’s gravitational pull.

But when a Democrat does it, it’s “different” because they say it is. And thanks to the “nonpartisan” liberal media, they get away with it.

What do you think of the failed launch of Obamacare after the Obama administration had awarded a no-bid contract to a Canadian company that has to date cost the taxpayers something north of $800 million – and still has numerous glitches? Truly a debacle of epic proportions.

You have to hand it to those Democrats – they’re no pikers when it comes to fleecing the public.

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