This is a letter of thanks to the friends, neighbors and passersby who stopped to help my family capture our wayward ewe. Our adventures began on a Saturday with our purchase of two ewes from a farm in Brunswick. We loaded them into our trailer and headed home. Imagine our distress when, upon arriving, we discovered we had lost a ewe.

All weekend we retraced our route, looking for our sheep. By Monday we doubted we’d ever find her. We were amazed when a neighbor called to report a sheep in his field; could it be ours? A grand chase ensued, as she led us up and down Baston Road, across Route 115 and into the woods beyond. We followed her through countless back yards, back across Route 115 and into the fields and woods of Skyline Farm. Along our route countless folks pitched in; directing our path, offering rides, stopping traffic. People tried to herd our sheep on bicycles, from cars, or by joining our trek.

We didn’t capture her Monday; happily, we had better luck Tuesday. She is now safe in our pasture. As stressful as this misadventure was, it also demonstrated that we live in a remarkable community, where neighbors help neighbors and folks step up. We thank everyone who helped us, those who let us tramp through their yards, who pointed the way our ewe had traveled, who joined the chase. It truly does take a village.

Suzanne Hamilton & Alan Bakutis
North Yarmouth