Warped mind

I just read the Crash Barry article about marijuana (Aug. 13). I have been in recovery for 26 years, not marijuana or other drugs, but alcohol. I continue to attend AA meetings almost daily, not because I want to drink, but I do want to try and help people who have been trapped by addiction – any addiction to drugs or alcohol.

I am shocked that your newspaper would allow the publishing of Barry’s thoughts without also disclosing risks. He makes it sound as though it is the greatest thing going, and the medical profession should get with it. His comment about “greedy corporatists” being responsible for the opiate epidemic in Maine – what a joke this guy is, as well as being totally misinformed. Articles like this, without discussion of the enormous risks, are inappropriate, totally. He ought to attend some AA or NA meetings to get his warped mind informed.

Please don’t publish any more uninformed articles.

Frank Parker


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