Greg Kesich must have had fun when he wrote his column in the Portland Press Herald on Aug. 13 advocating the elimination of traffic lights (“Commentary: Sounds crazy, but it’s true: Streets can be safe without traffic lights”).

I’m sure he would not have had much fun if he had been in the 4.5-mile traffic jam on Route 1 outside of Wiscasset on Aug. 8. The traffic was backed up all the way to the flea market.

A simple way to cut this traffic jam in half would be the installation of two coordinated traffic lights in the center of Wiscasset.

Presently, people cross the street willy-nilly, one or two at a time, stopping all traffic. Traffic lights would allow a large number of cars to pass while bunching up people in a group to cross the street when the lights change.

This simple solution will never happen, for Wiscasset will not spend the money and the state is not interested. “It’s only three months out of the year, so suck it up,” we are told.

T.L. Davis