I want to thank Selma Sternlieb for the very brave piece by her on behalf of 13 Jewish Mainers opposing and objecting to U.S. financial support of the occupation and violence against Palestinian civilians (“Maine Voices: Jewish Mainers oppose U.S.-funded oppression of Palestinians by Israel,” Aug. 16).

I was so shocked when Palestinians danced in the streets right after the annihilation of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Now I understand that they are well aware that their subjugation at the hands of Israel is possible by way of U.S. funding.

In the same paper, a letter to the editor by Pat Taub (“Orwellian ‘double think’ on Hamas blames the victim”) discusses what has become Israel’s habit of blaming Hamas rather than the Israeli army for the killing of Palestinian civilians in the course of bombing hospitals, schools and obviously marked United Nations “safe” places for civilians. She points out that it is another way to blame the victims.

The killing of civilians from any country by the armed forces of another country is wrong, wrong, wrong. No country can or should justify its immoral activities based on what happened to their people in the past.

Mallory Hattie