We Mainers like Angus King. We elected him governor twice and to the U.S. Senate. Yes, we like Angus. We like him as a reasonable man and as simply a “good” man. His endorsement for governor threatens both independents and Democrats with a repeat of 2010. His pick is a businessman, and that is the reason given for his endorsement. Being a businessman is not enough.

What we need now is simply “a good man.” A good man who knows how to be civil, inclusive, open to ideas and change. A good man willing to collaborate, concerned for all Mainers and who knows how to surround himself with experts.

After mulling things over, we believe that in this three-way race to follow Sen. King’s lead is to leave us with the same result we had four years ago. A result that we believe has not been positive for Maine

Hal and Rachel Henderson


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