Eliot Cutler’s comprehensive education reform plan – including his proposal to implement a “Pay it forward, pay it back” university program for Maine high school graduates – certainly appeals to me as a college student, and I believe it is just what this state needs. In fact, I believe the same is true of all of Eliot’s proposed plans.

But I am supporting Eliot not because he has the best proposals for education reform, property tax relief and job creation of all the gubernatorial candidates (although that is certainly true).

I might be the classic young college idealist, but I look at the way the two-party system operates right now, with candidates and incumbents on both sides too entrenched in vilifying the other to focus on doing their jobs, and I see Eliot as part of the solution.

To me, Eliot represents something beyond local politics.

As an independent who refuses to take money from special interest groups, Eliot is determined to do what is best for the state of Maine.

He has no party loyalties to hold him back from working with Republicans and Democrats alike to actually get things done. Not left, not right … forward!

Kate Harwood


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