There are two Cathies running for the state Senate in District 25: Cathy Breen and Cathy Manchester. I have worked with both of them. Both have been town councilors; both believe in strong public schools. Both are capable and care about people.

I’m enthusiastically supporting Republican Cathy Manchester, a lifelong resident of Maine. Manchester is moderate on social issues and conservative when it comes to your money. She has a lifetime of hands-on work experience with successful careers in law enforcement (first female police chief in Maine history), education (coach, teacher’s aide, administrator) and real estate (agency owner). She’s signed both sides of the paycheck. She’s the real deal, an authentic Mainer through and through.

Most important for me, Cathy Manchester isn’t running with the agenda of special interest groups or some liberal ideology. She’ll listen to you, fight for jobs, respect individual rights and recognize that taxes come from your hard-earned money.

Tony Payne