ADAM CHADBOURNE of Woolwich poses next to his car after winning the Napa Super Street feature at Wiscasset Speedway on Saturday.

ADAM CHADBOURNE of Woolwich poses next to his car after winning the Napa Super Street feature at Wiscasset Speedway on Saturday.


Saturday at Wiscasset Speedway started out sunny and hot, but bands of showers and thundershowers swept through the area, causing a two-hour rain delay.

A hardcore group of race fans stayed throughout the delay to watch the races when they resumed. Group one raced at Wiscasset Speedway, including Prostock, New England 4-Cylinder Prostock, Outlaw Mini’s and Napa Super Street. The Amsoil Nelcar Legends also made its fourth of five appearances at the Speedway.

An exciting 30-lap Prostock feature kept fans on the edge of their seats. The Prostock race saw its seventh different winner of the season. Starting on the pole was the #77 Of Maggie Ferland. Behind her were the #39 of James Osmond and the #32 of Mike Orr.

When green flag racing began, Osmond got a good jump off the start and passed Ferland for the lead. The #15 of Nick Hinkley started in fourth, and he headed to the inside and passed both Orr and Ferland for second during lap one. However, during lap three a caution was called when Hinkley developed mechanical problems. He headed to the pits and never made it back onto the track.

When racing action resumed, the #1 of Jeff Burgess passed Orr on the outside of turn two for third place. Burgess continued to march up the track, and passed Ferland on the outside of the back stretch for second. Burgess slowly reeled in Osmond, and passed him during lap seven on the outside of the back stretch for the lead.

Ferland blew the motor of her race car during lap 10, but was able to limp off the track. She was running in third at the time, and the #72 of Charlie Colby moved up to claim third. During lap 12, Colby passed Osmond on the outside of the front stretch for second place. A caution was called during lap 14, and on the ensuing restart Orr passed Osmond for third.

Excitement mounted when Colby moved to the outside of Burgess during lap 16. Colby passed Burgess for the lead and the pair raced door to door for three laps. During lap 19, Burgess edged ahead and took the lead coming out of turn four, and Burgess was able to hold Colby off until race conclusion. Burgess took the win, with Colby in second and Orr in third.

The spotlighted feature of the week was a 30-lap New England 4-Cylinder Prostock race. Starting on the pole was the #98 of Kamren Knowles. Jacob Hendsbee of the #27 and the # 35 of Nate McWilliams were behind him. The cars roared off the start. During lap one, the #8 of Craig Dunn moved up from his seventh starting position, and was able to pass McWilliams for third. The #24 of Jeff Prindall, who had started in eighth, headed to the inside and passed both Dunn and Hendsbee for second. Point leaders Knowles and Prindall raced for the lead. Prindall was able to pass Knowles on the outside of turn one during lap five, and kept the nose of his car ahead. Knowles fought back and the pair raced neck and neck from lap five through lap eight when Prindall was able to pull ahead and clinch the lead.

Knowles was glued to the back of Prindall’s car. With two laps remaining, Knowles gave it all he had and went for the lead. Knowles crept up to the side of Prindall’s car, but couldn’t complete a pass. With only one lap remaining, Knowles headed to the outside, and was making ground passing Prindall when his car went into a spin coming out of turn four, heading towards the finish line. Prindall sped under the checkered claiming first, while Knowles attempted to get back on the track. Dunn passed Knowles and took second place. Knowles was able to take third.

A 25-lap Napa Super Street had plenty of action. Starting at the pole was the #06 of Zach Poland. The #48 of Dan Nessmith and the #2 of Josh Bailey were behind him. When the green flag waved over the track, Nessmith got a good jump and passed Poland for the lead. During lap one, Poland dropped back and both Bailey and the #1 of Adam Chadbourne passed for second and third place.

Chadbourne passed Bailey on the outside during lap four to claim second. Chadbourne moved up the track and challenged Nessmith for the lead. Chadbourne was able to pass Nessmith during lap nine on the outside of turn three for the lead.

There was a caution called during lap 13 when Nessmith blew his transmission. Nessmith headed to the pits and did not make it back onto the track. The #38 of Ricky Burgess Jr. moved to third. On the restart, Burgess had the inside lane and was able to pass Bailey at the start for second.

During lap 14, the #05 of James Osmond moved up the track and passed Bailey for third on the front stretch. Race leaders remained the same until race conclusion. Chadbourne took first, Burgess placed second and Osmond came in third.

The flex race of the week were the Amsoil Nelcar Legends. This 25-lap race was action packed. Starting on the pole was the #2 of Darren Johnson. Behind him were the #8 of Matt Chagnot and the #96 of Wyatt Alexander.

Off the start, Chagnot passed Johnson for first. Mathew Bourgoine of the #38 had started in 10th position. Bourgoine had won the last three Legend races at Wiscasset, and he went for his fourth. By lap two, Bourgoine had caught the race leaders. He swooped to the inside and passed all three race leaders for first place.

Moving up from behind was the #44 of Andy Santere. During lap three, Santere passed both Johnson and Chagnot to claim second. During lap four, the #96 of Wyatt Alexander passed Chagnot for third.

There was a caution during lap six. When green flag racing resumed, Santere developed a mechanical problem and headed to the pits. The #84 of Matt Grant moved to third. Race leaders remained constant until the finish.

Bourgoine claimed his fourth Wiscasset Speedway win, and further solidified his point lead. Bourgoine had 1,713 points coming into Saturday’s race. In second was Alan Smith with 1,494 points. Third in points was Alexander with 1,480 points.

Rounding out the evening was a 25-lap Outlaw Mini feature. This race was quick and straight forward. Starting on the pole was the #13 of Nate Tribbet. Behind him were the #10 of Jimmy Childs and the #20 of Shawn Kimball.

The top three cars were well matched and raced in a pack. During lap three, the one and only leader change occurred when Childs passed Tribbet on the inside for first. Tribbet battled Childs for the lead, but Childs car liked the fresh air, and he held off Tribbet the entire race. This made Childs second win of the season in Outlaw Mini’s.

Wiscasset Speedway resumes racing action this upcoming Saturday with its group two lineup of divisions: Late Model Sportsman, Strictly Street, Thunder 4’s and Mini Trucks. The flex race of the week is a flagpole race. Visit the website for flagpole race information.

Pit gates open at 2 p.m. Grandstand gates open at 4 p.m. Racing begins at 6 p.m. Admission is $5 for adults and children aged seven and older. Kids six and under are free. Pit admission is $20.

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