I have deep concerns about Verizon’s request to rezone a section of Field Road from residential/farm to commercial so that it can erect a 120-foot cell tower and power station. This would be a drastic deviation from Falmouth’s Open Space Plan, which states the No. 1 goal is to retain and protect rural character.

Field and Woodville roads are unique with their open fields, scenic vistas and rolling hills, and these roads draw walkers, runners and cyclists because of their quiet, rural beauty. Both these roads and the surrounding residences would be impacted by the visual scar of a 12-story commercial tower. This is not what the Open Space Committee had in mind in its vision for Falmouth’s future.

Verizon is in the business to make money, not to keep Falmouth beautiful. They do not care about property values dropping as a result of their actions. They do not live here, we do. They want the tower built to expand their presence in the cell phone/Internet market. Although I encourage commercial growth, it should be in compliance with Falmouth’s existing land use regulations, Comprehensive Plan and Open Space Plan.

So far cell towers have been located near the traffic or business corridors and this pattern of development should continue. A location should be found other than our rural/residential Field Road.

Community participation has been minimal so far, and I urge residents to attend the Sept. 22 Town Council public hearing to express their views.

Robert Montgomery