I spent a recent Saturday morning (Art Walk Saturday, Portland) collecting signatures for Maine Citizens for Clean Elections.

This campaign is aiming to collect around 70,000 signatures, which would enable the Clean Elections Initiative to be on the ballot in fall 2015. If passed, it would strengthen the Clean Election legislation we’ve had since 1995. One of the main provisions is that the three top contributors to a PAC would have to be listed on political ads so that “dark money” would become visible.

Steve Mistler’s Sept. 5 article “Maine elections open faucet for money from interest groups” offers an excellent explanation of the issues of outside money pouring into state elections and the importance of strengthening our Clean Election system.

I encourage others to volunteer – it is a healthy way to get some exercise and be involved. For more information, visit the Maine Citizens for Clean Elections website at https://www.mainecleanelections.org/.

Donna Jones


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