I read in the Local & State section that the early birds crowing in Cape Elizabeth could lead to a rooster ban there (“Rooster causes uproar in Cape Elizabeth neighborhood,” Sept. 8).

I went through the very same problem last year. A rooster was crowing all the time. He was 4½ months old, too. He’s now a year older and wiser.

At times I had a lot of special expletives for Foghorn Leghorn, but to this day a year later, he is very tame, and the brood takes care of the tick problems that our neighborhood went through last year. Oh, no complaints now.

Yes, at times he can be very annoying. So turn on a fan, go in another room, turn up the radio. I read a lot, too, but just choose to block it out. Go out sometime, take a handful of oats and feed them. They’ll appreciate it. By the way, they can be very funny at times, too.

I hope the town isn’t too hard on Patrick and Crystal Kennedy and their family because roosters are pets, like cats and dogs.

John A. Drysdale


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