DURHAM – Police do not anticipate filing charges related to the spray-painting of swastikas on Route 136 in Durham, State Police Trooper Paul Casey said Monday.

A Department of Transportation crew painted over the two hate symbols last Friday, a week after a resident reported seeing them to state police. Casey said that covering the symbols was his major concern.

“I don’t anticipate charging anyone,” Casey said. “Our major motivation was to get it off the roadway, so it’s not offensive to anybody.”

The two swastikas, about 5-feet square, were in the middle of Route 136, near the intersection with Quaker Meetinghouse and Rabbit roads. They were noticed on Sept. 12. The next day, another resident reported seeing graffiti on the sides of the Eureka Community Center and the Old Town Hall, both owned by the town, further along Route 136. Public works employees quickly scrubbed out the graffiti, so that it was illegible. One of the images on the Old Town Hall was a swastika, as well, said Jeff Wakeman, chairman of the Board of Selectmen.

– Larry Grard

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