On Nov. 4, Maine residents will be voting on Question 1. A “no” vote will maintain the effective practices currently being used to manage and control the bear population. Mainers can cast their votes based on sound science and factual information, or they can cast their votes based on an emotional wave the “yes” supporters are trying to create and ride to victory.

One of the primary arguments from supporters of Question 1 is that feeding or baiting bears is bad for them and leads to a whole host of problems. Yet, if the yes supporters prevail on Question 1, they will still allow the feeding of bears to continue (by game wardens and scientists). Something they claim is so bad for the bear population, they will allow to continue. This inconsistency should concern Mainers. Why would they allow this to continue if they truly believe it is bad for the bears?

We have seen bipartisan support from all three political parties urging Mainers to vote “no” on Question 1. When was the last time we could say that Democrats, Republicans and independents came together to support one side of an issue? All of the candidates for governor, and both of our senators have stated their support for a “no” vote on Question 1. Why such bipartisan support? Because they know the facts of this issue, and they understand that our state’s biologists, who have more than 40 years of experience researching bears, are the best in the country and know how to take care of the bears and manage the population.

Please vote “no” on Question 1 and allow the true experts, our state biologists, to manage our bear population.

Mike Mosher, Kennebunk