I could use this space to tell you about Democrat Teresa Pierce’s strong record of promoting economic vitality through infrastructure development – her leadership in bringing natural gas to Falmouth and improving Route One quickly comes to mind. I could write about one of Teresa’s core beliefs, as evidenced by her actions during six years as a town councilor, that small business is fundamental to a vibrant Maine economy. I could also describe her unwavering pursuit of excellence in public education. I could use my 150-word limit to enumerate any of Teresa’s nearly innumerable accomplishments.

Instead I’d like to tell you about Teresa’s approach to governing. She listens to people. She considers facts. She takes action. Teresa is thoughtful, rational, competent and highly productive. More of this, please. She is exactly what Augusta needs at this very moment. Join me in voting for Teresa Pierce for state representative in House District 44 on Nov. 4.

David Goldberg