I have lived in Yarmouth my entire life. Our family business is here. I think that every resident of our community should have the right to a reasonable level of peace and quiet that allows them to enjoy their home. Each day now, the train whistles of the Amtrak Downeaster at two crossings make this impossible for me and many of my neighbors.

I have tried to come to the firm resolve that I must sell my home of almost 40 years, which I love, where my sons grew up, where I have had every plan to stay, because the quality of my life here has been so affected. It is simply not OK that I am deprived of a basic level of peace and quiet. I am deeply saddened, disappointed and angry.

The town has done nothing about addressing this very real problem. Other towns have taken action to implement Quiet Zones or other remedies. Why can’t Yarmouth care about this and come up with a solution? This community is better than that, our leadership is capable and I hold them responsible.

On Monday, Oct. 6, the topic of train whistles and Quiet Zones will be on the agenda of the Town Council. This meeting will decide whether the topic is opened for further review, discussion and action by the council at a future date. If you are affected by or interested in this issue, please attend.

Joleen Estabrook