Bill Diamond (D)

Age: 69

Address: 10 Crown Point, Windham

Occupation: Small business owner – 34 years

Political Experience: Three-term state representative, six terms in the state Senate, and eight years as Maine Secretary of State

Q: How do you plan to make a difference for your communities if elected to the Legislature?

A: The honor of being a state senator embodies many responsibilities, not the least of which is the fact that the senator, for all intents and purposes, becomes the face of the district. That face must be emboldened with trust, integrity and passion. The trust of constituents and colleagues, the integrity on which political influence is built and the passion for helping people are absolutely essential. Those characteristics along with the commitment to work together as Republicans, Democrats and Independents, something I have always strived to do, will bring positive results.

For example, it took years of determination and a bipartisan commitment to secure the badly needed funds to finally rebuild the extremely dangerous River Road in Windham. Also, I worked with both political parties on several new proposals to increase penalties for child sexual predators and to protect children from sexual abuse. I can’t wait to continue that important work.

I’ll stand up for all hard working Mainers and work to create jobs, keep our environment clean and protect innocent children from abuse. People work hard for their money and it’s up to elected officials to respect the use of those funds that come in the form of taxes. Taxes are people’s money and need to be appropriated carefully and with respect.

Years ago I was the Senate chair of the state budget writing committee and we passed five unanimous state budgets because the political parties worked together and respected each other. I’m confident that we can work together again.

I have been a small business owner for over 34 years creating hundreds of local jobs, and I was proud to be selected as “Business Person of the Year” by the local chamber of commerce. Understanding the challenges of small businesses will help me deal with the proposed laws and regulations that will affect businesses.

As an educator for 20 years I have a keen awareness of the importance of providing our children with a quality education. That means providing appropriate funding from the state and an efficient use of funds by the local school systems. My hands-on experience will be important as educational policies that affect our local school systems are developed.

Being a teacher of fifth- and sixth-grade students and later at the high school level is an experience I’m proud of and will never forget. Seeing my former students today as “grown ups” makes me proud of them and reinforces the importance of a quality education for our children.

I understand the tremendous responsibilities of being a state senator and I will proudly be the face of our district – someone you can trust and be proud of.

Kaile R. Warren, Jr. (R)

Age: 55

Address: 16 Gin Mill Lane; Windham

Occupation: Real estate development

Political experience: Cumberland Board of Voter Registration, Planning Board; Windham town councilor

Q: How do you plan to make a difference for your communities if elected to the Legislature?

A: I had the honor of serving on Cumberland, Maine’s Planning Board; and likewise served as a town councilor in Windham, Maine. The best compliment

I received from my constituents was that I never changed once seated. Many surmised that well-intended candidates sadly and disappointingly change once they become selected. But I didn’t. My passion, determination and fearlessness remained unshaken. I was determined then, and am now as your candidate for the Maine State Senate, District 26, to provide you with everything you hope for – and deserve – when you cast your vote for me.

On Spending: I am a champion of open dialogue. As a Windham town councilor, I tore into thoughtless and careless spending. I also flushed out systemic operating issues. Regardless of the situation, I always divulged to the people who elected me what I had uncovered, albeit sometimes painful for some town employees. At the same time, I never unearthed an issue that I did not provide a solution for. It is one thing to look under rocks. It is another to look under rocks and to clear the landscape of things that are not in the citizens’ best interest. As a senator, I want the citizens to know that whenever I bite into an issue that is adversely affecting citizens, I will not back off. I will be your champion.

On Business: I am very pro-business, with extensive, demonstrated results in both marketing and building operational excellence. I understand, and equally as important, I relate to the challenges that business owners face.

The Lakes Region Weekly once described me as a, “business-savvy, strong-minded tax cutting councilor.” That is who I am and what voters can expect from me. I believe that business owners want representation and a voice – a senator with whom they can vent their frustrations and share their aspirations. Someone whom they know will work for them in an aggressive, intelligent, business-like manner. Government oftentimes over-reaches. I will be a senator who pushes government back when need be, as I genuinely feel that government expects too much from citizens and respects too little. You deserve more.

On Caring and Compassion: I want the citizens to know that all of my decisions will be well-reasoned, fair and sometimes out-of-the box creative. My no-nonsense, full-steam-ahead approach to helping people is driven by my compassion to help others.

I may be dubbed as not your local “flavor of the day.” But I assure you that as your Maine State Senator, I will be your favorite flavor for the next two years.

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