Karen Callaghan has been an outstanding advocate for our schools and our children while serving on the South Portland Board of Education. She deserves another term serving as an at-large member of our School Board.

Karen Callaghan has shown a willingness to take the time and do the homework necessary to carefully explore the impact of proposals that come before the school board. She asks the questions necessary to get the answers we need about how things will affect education in South Portland’s schools. During the high school construction, she has always been attentive to details about how the project is proceeding and appreciative of the efforts of all those involved.

During the always challenging process of budget deliberations, Karen Callaghan shows concern for the impact on the taxpayers of South Portland without losing sight of the vital importance of making sure our kids get a great education.

I hope South Portland voters will join me and help re-elect Karen Callaghan to the South Portland Board of Education.

Matthew Beck

South Portland

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