Police say they have identified the third man who allegedly pretended to be an officer in an effort to steal medical marijuana from a person licensed to grow it in Winterport. The man they are seeking is the brother of a man who had already turned himself in.

The theft of an armload of mature marijuana plants happened Sept. 21, and security cameras recorded images of two of the three people involved.

Scott Roberts, 35, and Jeffrey Hurd, 47, both of Glenburn, turned themselves in a week ago after police released the security images and asked for the public’s help in identifying them.

The third man did not appear clearly on the security images.

Police on Wednesday asked for the public’s help in finding Kerry Hurd, 45, of Bangor, and issued an arrest warrant for him.

Like his two alleged accomplices, Kerry Hurd faces charges of robbery, theft and impersonating an officer.